Premium Greenhouse Shading Compound

Specification Sheet

This product has been developed by greenhouse growers with one goal in mind: to produce the finest quality shading compound on the market and offer it at a fair price. Only finely-ground choice pigments have been used, resulting in a shading compound superior to most on the market. By effectively reflecting the rays of the sun, this shading will enable the grower to control light intensity and reduce heat buildup in the greenhouse environment.

This product is usually used at a rate of 1 part shading compound to 8 parts water. One 5 gallon bucket of shading, mixed with water covers about 10,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse. Premium Greenhouse Shading can be diluted to meet your particular needs. (See label for more information.)

Always test a small amount of shading mixed at the recommended dilution rate on a small area of your greenhouse. Adhesion may vary considerably according to the type, porosity, and age of your covering material. Environmental factors such as coastal fog or desert heat may also affect the level of adhesion. Adhesion will usually be increased if applied at a more concentrated rate, and/or applied thickly, applied to older covering materials, or applied during higher outside temperatures. It is always a good idea to test any shading product.  Allow the test area to dry for several days before checking the level of adhesion and ease of removal.  If in doubt about which formulation of Premium Greenhouse Shading to use, always start with the Light Stick.

Shading removal is usually accomplished with a steady stream of water and a light brushing. Most growers use a broom with an adjustable fiberglass extension handle for the removal of shading material. The broom must be very fine nylon - usually marked "for fine dust" or "fine tile broom." A coarse broom will not only scratch your greenhouse covering, but will also be ineffective at removing shading due to the low surface area contacting the shading. Wetting down the area first with a stream of water, then brushing with a very fine broom, and finally hosing off the loosened shading is the standard procedure used by many growers for shading removal.  Removal is usually easier first thing in the morning when the shading will stay damp longer.


Perma Stick is for permanent applications and cannot be removed.  

Please always use this product in a safe and responsible manner.  

See the product label and SDS for additional information.

Available in three formulations:


•     Perfect for seasonal shading

•     Formulated with less binding agent

•     Some shading removal with heavy rain

•     The majority can typically be removed with brushing


•     Perfect for year-round shading

•     Formulated with medium binding agent

•     Minor shading removal with heavy rain

•     Partial shading removal with moderate scrubbing

•     Holds up to coastal fog and drizzle


•     Formulated for superior adhesion

•     Should only be used for permanent shading

•     Very little or no removal with heavy rain

•     Cannot be removed with brushing

Note: Adhesion will vary due to many factors including: outside temperature, age and porosity of covering material, dilution rate, thickness of application(s), previous shading applications, etc.  Always test any shading compound.  If removal is important, always use Light Stick.

Premium Greenhouse Shading Compound